Analysis On The Causes Of Friction Plate Slippage

Dec 19, 2021

Analysis on the Causes of Friction Plate Slippage

Friction plate, slipping phenomenon is mainly manifested as weakness, rushing, backlash and other phenomena when the load increases. The main reason can be attributed to the fact that the friction force cannot satisfy the driving force.

There are many factors that cause skidding. The following factors are for your reference: 1. Differences in friction plate materials. It is verified by experiments on the friction linings of different domestic manufacturers and the domestic and foreign friction linings under the same test conditions, which proves that the wear resistance of high-quality linings under the same conditions (mainly refers to the use time under the same load) is twice that of ordinary friction linings above.

Of course, the price of high-quality foreign friction linings is more than twice the price of ordinary friction linings. Users can choose high-quality or ordinary films according to their needs.

2. Abnormal wear of friction plate caused by overload of load. Many users do not know the maximum load capacity requirement. It is often overloaded, so that the friction lining wears intensified and slipping will soon appear. Therefore, users should try not to overload the operation.

3. Improper maintenance of other drive equipment. Mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, the oil will not be replaced for a long time, and the high-viscosity oil with iron filings is the main factor causing the surface wear of the friction plate; the second is that the operating mechanism is loose and the user has not adjusted in time, so let the friction plate be long-term In a very dangerous working condition.

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