Structural Components Of Friction Materials

Dec 17, 2021

Structural components of friction materials

The fiber reinforced material constitutes the base material of the friction material, which gives the friction product enough mechanical strength to withstand the load force of the grinding and riveting process of the friction plate in the production process and the braking and transmission during the use process. Impact force, shear force, pressure.

my country's relevant standards and automobile manufacturers have put forward corresponding mechanical strength requirements for friction linings based on the actual operating conditions of the friction lining. Such as: impact strength, bending strength, compressive strength, shear strength, etc. In order to meet these strong performance requirements, it is necessary to select appropriate fiber varieties to increase and meet the strength performance.

Friction material requirements for its fiber components used:

(1) The enhancement effect is good.

(2) Good heat resistance. There will be no fusing, carbonization and thermal decomposition at the friction working temperature.

(3) Has a basic coefficient of friction.

(4) The hardness should not be too high to avoid braking noise and damage to the brake disc or drum.

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